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Government of Malawi through Ministry Of Health has been steady in scaling up HIV prevention, treatment and care services, with the aim to promote access to HIV services by the Key population. In order to achieve access to HIV Testing Services [HTS], CEDEP through Linkages Project with funding from USAID, Supported Mzimba North District Health Office for this intervention specifically, targeting hard to reach Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender people through distributions of HIV self-testing kits. HIV self-testing is process where by a person who wants to know his /her HIV status collect specimen, perform rapid test and interpret the results in private.

Before HIV Self-testing distributions interventions, some Men having Sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender (TG) reached with HIV prevention messages were shunning HTS services from health facilities due to self-stigma, discrimination and long distances to access the services. However, with the introduction of HIV Self-Testing distributions, there has been an increased number of hard to reach MSM/TG to know their status in their community.

This is done as a community based approach through mobile distributions in clusters and sometimes in offices of high profile MSM and TG. For instance, last quarter (April-June, 2019), CEDEP distributed 135 HIV Self-testing kits to hard to reach MSM and TG.

One client after being tested HIV positive through HIV self-test had courage to go to CEDEP Drop in Centre (DIC) for confirmation of his results. During Interactions with the client at the DIC he was quoted as saying, “I appreciate the ministry of health   for introducing HIV Self-testing kits and CEDEP for orienting me on how to use the self-testing kit. I have done the test myself and the results came out positive, I have been enrolled on ART treatment and am living normal life with my business running”.

HIV self-testing distributions approach is being channelled through Linkages project which is being implemented by CEDEP. The services seek to ensure that hard to reach MSM and TG know their HIV status which go along with UNAIDS target of 90% of Key Population to know their HIV status by 2020.