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The CEDEP Health department operationalises the organization’s Strategic goal number 1; thus, Improve HIV and Health Related Services for LGBTI. The overall goal of this strategic intervention area is to contribute towards reaching zero new HIV infections, zero stigma and discrimination, zero HIV related deaths and reduction of other sexually transmitted infections among sexual minorities in Malawi. CEDEP realizes that without the involvement of the LGBTI and the other Key Population groups in the 95:95:95 campaign in Malawi, it will be difficult to attain these 2030 targets. The organization is aiming at increased availability and accessibility of friendly health services for LGBTI and other vulnerable groups.

This report therefore, highlights the contribution made by the department of Health to the organization’s strategic goals in the period between January 1 and August 31, 2019. It records key activities and achievements made by the department in all the three strategic objectives and summarizes barriers to implementation, suggested solutions and key lessons in the period under review. In these eight months, the department’s efforts towards achieving the three strategic objectives rested on three projects that CEDEP is implementing in twelve districts, namely; Linkages, Global Fund and Gateway.

The Linkages Project is being implemented with funding from USAID through FHI360 in Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mangochi and Mzuzu districts. Read More