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CEDEP is governed by a Board of Trustees whose mandate is to provide oversight action to ensure that the organization operates within its mandate and parameters. The trustees come from a variety of professions such as Lawyers, Academicians, the Clergy and the LGBTI representatives, just to cite a few.

Presence of such diverse professions enriches the work that CEDEP is mandated to do. At the helm of its secretariat is the Executive Director who is supported by Managers heading its 4 programmatic areas, forming the Management Team. Currently, it has a pool of 36 staff members who are of diverse sexual orientations and gender identity and expressions.

It also has 358 volunteers who are all LGBTI volunteering to work as peer educators under various projects being implemented within the organization. The staff come from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in managing and implementing donor funded projects and interventions. They are energetic and enthusiastic with their work despite working in unconducive environment. They demonstrate their commitment by giving more to achieve much to benefit many beneficiaries who are at the heart of CEDEP’s existence.