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Centre for Development of the People (Cedep) has called on the police, health workers and social welfare officers in Chikwawa to fully support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community when seeking out their services.The call was made on Friday during a three-day workshop aimed at equipping the district's service providers with skills and breaking structural barriers facing the key populations.

The three-year KP REACH programme comes to its conclusion at the end of 2018. PV’s role over this time has been to provide capacity strengthening support to four ‘key population’ (KP) networks and deliver REAct and the Key Correspondent (KC) initiatives, drawing on its particular and unique approach to partnership and accompaniment. PV’s primary way of working is to facilitate the co-creation and delivery of effective programmes and interventions to achieve mutual goals—including contributing to long-term impact at the level of individuals, organisations, communities, service providers, and at a higher level, improved development practice and just, constructive national policy.

The focus for the delivery of REAct in particular has been on improving the use of data collection/evidence, findings, knowledge management, and the scaling up and duplication of best practice for more responsive national-level programming and policies. Read More

FootballCenter for the Development of People (CEDEP), under the COC and Planet Romeo Projects, organized a two day football tournament for its Peer Educators across Malawi. The tournament took place from the 17th to 18th of December, 2018, was held at the African Bible College (ABC) Sports Complex in Lilongwe, Malawi. The event was patronized by participants from the Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern regions of Malawi, more specifically; Mzuzu, Blantyre, Mangochi and Lilongwe.

Collecting evidence of human rights violations is a vital component of the work of activists working across the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT+) and sex worker sectors. It is hard to reject advocacy work that is based on hard facts about the reality of sex workers and LGBT+ people’s lives. It tells the story of why change is needed. When human rights violations are documented, it gives credibility to LGBT+ and sex worker organisations and communities asking for change. Read More


Watching: Interview with Malawi LGBTI, human rights leader
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